Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009

And here is the sketch I did for this picture. Well, sometimes I think I like the sketch more than the finished picture itself...

Another try to work with colors and a digital painting program. Definitely NOT easy!

Sonntag, 8. November 2009

Nicht den Kopf verlieren

I made this short film two years ago, with the Plastic Animation Software (PAP), I drew it with a graphic tablet. It was, when I began to start animating. It's my first short film.

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Here's my scene of Don Bluth's Cyber Garage Project. That is a 3- minute short, directed by Don Bluth. The project will be over the 26th of October. It was really fun to be a part of the production team :)

Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Hand studies. They're so hard to draw, it's terrible!

Dienstag, 22. September 2009

These are my attempts to get better in colour sketches... A lot of work to do!

I drew these two drawings with Art Rage. The blue dog is a caricature of my dog Gina.

Some various faces of different people from different countries.

Those are some face expressions and poses of a bat named Franz. He's a bold, sweet loud-mouth.